It takes at least 14 days to process the referral and give the patient an update on the status of their referral.

Our referring department triages the referral and books you accordingly with the appropriate specialist.

Our referring department triages the referrals and books the appointment accordingly.

If you have been referred to another specialist and haven’t heard back, our office is still waiting for an appointment. You are welcome to call us or send us an email to check the status of your referral.

• The duration of your appointment will be 1- 2 hours and this will factor in all the steps that you need to take before you are seen by the doctor.
*The days that we are on call with the hospital might cause delays in your appointment *

• Please ensure that you bring your health card and a list of any current medications that you are taking.
• It is also advised that you bring a pair of sunglasses in case your eyes are dilated and a driver.

Your first appointment at our clinic will be a consultation. At this appointment, the physician will do their initial assessment and discuss the treatment plan.

Due to the high volume of phone calls that we receive, please allow us at least 48 hours to return your call, or you can send us an email.

The technician will take your full medical history and perform all the preliminary testing that are required for the doctor to make their diagnosis and provide a treatment plan.

• After you register at the front desk, you will be called in by the technician.
• The technician will go through your medical history and do any preliminary/ diagnostic testing required for your appointment.
• You may be given dilating drops at this point, which can cause your intermediate vision to be blurry and can also cause light sensitivity for up to 4 hours.
• You will then be placed in the room to be seen by the ophthalmologist.